Start-up: The Journey So Far

It’s been 3 months since we set out on our social enterprise adventure; and what a wonderful few months it has been!

Beginning with two founders, Jess and Lou, our team has expanded with artists, actors, engineers and production assistants. We’ve had 7 interns in graphics design, games development and 3D modelling (2 of which have become members of our team!) and have an amazing network of neurodiverse organisations interested in our cause. This is a quick introduction to some of the members of our team.

This is Brad, the first to join our team! Brad is an engineer who’s interested in robotics, science and all things logical. Brad is also a graphics designer, with a qualification in Photoshop. He’s also amazing at perspective drawings and absolutely loves Minecraft!


Second to the team is Will. Will’s our Chief of Operations – he does all the things behind the scenes to keep the cogs moving, game production flowing and clients in the loop. Will’s a creative writer, loves Skyrim and is also into music production. He also brought his kitty Lola into the office one day! ^.^

DSCN0775 (1).JPG

Also working with us and our current project is a lovely lady called Hayley. Hayley designs our 2D assets. She’s got a style that fits very well with our own, and we absolutely love her work. Hayley’s in the works of setting up her own t-shirt business. She likes a good beard and is a fan of the Life is Strange episodes. Here’s a pic of her being tutored by Louise on how to use Photoshop. (Please excuse the hummus!)


So that’s our little team & this is our humble office. Stay tuned to see our next blog post about our game development! We would also like to say a special thanks to Alice Holliday, Charlotte Windebank from First Face to Face, Toni Clark of SES and Justin Souter for the fabulous guidance/mentoring. Anybody who is looking to reach out for support, these are your guys!

Much Love – the Luna Coders. X




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