The Devil’s Sunlight – Chapter 2

Since June, the team have been developing a new chapter called “The Devils Sunlight.”
The story follows a young boy named Solomon, who is helping his friends in the City of Phantom through hard times, with the power of positivity!
The games accessibility features currently hosts a point & click interface, text & audio implementation and animation with hints of colour psychology and symbology. We make all of our games impossible to “fail”, focusing rather on the players journey as a character in a tale and their choices. We are due to play-test the first scene with volunteers – so if you’re interested, give us a shout!

The magnificent Hayley is kindly providing us with some lovely collectables (great love for her art style!) Below is an example of some of the little things you can see around the scenes. These are the items that will help you cheer characters up – whether because they help mentally, or because they’re of sentimental value, each item has a meaning and emotion behind it that we can’t wait for you to explore.


Louise, our lead game artist, has been designing the lovely backgrounds, rooms and environments that our main character will be investigating. Lou has a way with colours – so we decided to create subtle changes in our scenes based on research of how the colours make you feel. In these shots, Nova, who is suffering from depression, has a strange purple hue cast in shadows over her home. Could there be something else lurking in the darkness?

Solomon in the kitchen
Solomon in the kitchen
After you’ve investigated events, and have came to the root of what is lurking in the darkness, Solomon can explore the happy, safe spaces of the characters and what they find helps their wellbeing. Here we find Nova gazing at the clouds.

Lastly, our engineer Brad is developing a crafting system that brings Luna from our first chapter into the game. Luna can help you craft items, but only on a full moon. Keep an eye on the skies for the cyclops’ smile! It’s key for your progression…


Blog written by – Jessika Wiper (Lead Developer)
More updates to come!

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