A bit about some Characters…


Solomon is a descendant of the Sun, a fire element responsible for putting universal love back in its rightful place. He works closely with archetypes of air, the forces of the higher mind, to reconcile disturbed balances manifesting in a whole reality. Sol is a people pleaser by heart, always wishing to provide a light to those who need it. Although he can come across childish in his outbursts and immature in his proud attachment to those closest in his orbit, he emits an impressive strength, infinite energy, thus becoming burned out when he feels hard done by.


The Devil: A horned fellow who lives in a hot deserted realm. He is the owner of an oil rig, has hired a bunch of pigs and is utterly obsessed with the grape-tasting oil that resides beneath the sand. He’s a nice chap, very good at the tambourine, but can be almost too fond of his sensual pleasures (hence the pot belly!) You can find the Devil man to the West, but I wouldn’t bother staying with him for too long. He can be very convincing.

Magician Colour Variation

Master Babel; A magician driven purely by creative energy and will; he acts as Solomon’s guide, the only character possessing the motivation and dedication to craftily lead Sol to his fateful path. Often glimmering in a coat of illusion, and quite the trickster, there is an air of uncertainty to him – although this just makes the best part of his character. Babel always knows what he is doing despite his tricky and perceivably ego-driven advice. He is notably one of Sol’s greatest allies. MagicianDance

Thanks to everyone who helped pick the colours for Master Babel! We hope you like him in darker garments.

Lots of love –
The Luna Coders x

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