A few of our comics…

Luna and the Doctor

Luna can’t sleep – despite the sedatives, she finds herself sitting up till stupid hours forming colourful balls of energy between her hands. One of our earliest comics.

Luna & the Doctor – October 2016


Sol’s Sights

Based on one of the most inspirational friends I know and his experiences with Erlon Syndrome. Sol takes photos to deal with his insomnia.

Sol’s Sight – October 2016


We had a conversation in our group chat about the things that annoy us, one of which being when your headphones tangle without you even touching them. Well, we have a theory for that.

Frankendeadphones - January 2018
Frankendeadphones – January 2018


A visual representation of how to get your friend off the sofa. Feeling crap? Have a snack. Pizza, crisps, fruit, goat – whatever floats your boat. If you’re feeling low, so you know, food will always be there so you’re not alone. ❤

Need More Shnax – May 2018

Be more Goblin

Everyone is human – except Goblin (who is not) – and Goblin stopped giving a funk about anything because he realised everything is pointless anyway! Except for Goblin’s nose (which is not)

Be more Goblin – May 2018

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