Conor’s Placement

During the making of our second game, we were honoured to have Conor Springthorpe on board with our development. Conor joined us at a time where we were fleshing out the concept for our game – we were deciding whether to do a 2D or 3D game and Conor agreed to test out some 3D work.

Throughout his placement, Conor took concept sketches and made them into 3D models. He was able to do this with characters, environments and collectable objects, in an awesome style which fit super well with our own. Conor uses 3DS Max to make his content. What was amazing to see was the speed at which he could get his work done. He was always on fire with deadlines, going above and beyond and doing extras on the side.


Above is an example of a city scene – one of the first scenes in our game that we were testing at the time. Conor built the city using individual models in repetition. We particularly loved his use of colour in these. Here are some individual models:


As well as larger scale environments, Conor also demonstrated how to make inner worlds, such as this room – belonging to one of the characters in the game called Nova. We loved his attention to detail and use of light, something which is important to consider when setting the mood. Beneath is the example of the 2D room that he worked from.



Here’s a bit of feedback from Conor about his placement with us:

Hello, I’m Conor.

I did a short work placement at Luna Code for a month or so. This experience not only helped me to develop a number of personal skills but also gave me the ability to learn about working for a start-up company and what was required from me as a 3D Modeller working in games production.

A personal skill I got to develop was speaking and interacting with new people and completing tasks set out to deadlines. Luna Code are a great team with some of the friendliest people I have ever met. They made me feel welcomed and did not add the pressure and stress other companies push on you when starting a placement.

Working with Luna Code to help other people and to follow my dream job was a blast and is something I can’t wait to see develop and grow. DSC_0017

Huge thanks to Luna Code,
Conor S.

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